Get Your Car Squeaky Clean

Schedule our interior auto detailing services in Harker Heights, Killeen, TX including all of Central TX

Cleaning out the interior of your car can be a pain to deal with. And unless you have the proper tools and cleaning solutions on hand, you can risk damaging your interior. That's why we're here to help. GetUright Mobile Detail offers exterior and interior auto detailing services throughout the Harker Heights & Killeen, TX area. We have a wide range of packages you can choose from, all to fit within your budget and meet your car's cleaning needs.

When you book our exterior auto detailing services, you can also have us clean your doorjambs, engine or headliner at an additional cost. Call 737-703-2693 today to find out more.

Take a look at our detailing packages

When it comes to our interior and exterior auto detailing services, we offer three different tiers. These include:

Tier 1:
We can clean vehicles of all sizes. We'll clean the exterior body, tires and interior windows. We'll also add air fresheners and blow out debris.

For well-maintained vehicles.

All areas mentioned will be covered once over.
Tier 2:
We'll do everything involved in tier 1, while also spot stain cleaning, adding a spray wax and adding an iron remover.

For vehicles that have not been detailed within the past 6m-1y.

All areas mentioned will be covered twice over
Tier 3:
We'll do everything involved in both tiers, while also adding a spray sealant, using a clay bar on your paint job and shampooing the interior.

For vehicles that have never been detailed.

All areas mentioned will be covered 3-4x over